Tharja – Fire Emblem: Awakening

I just love Tharja and her creepy and dark attitude. Nevertheless she can be warmhearted! I like her style and way of thinking and it was only a matter of time until I decide to cosplay her. I needed to decide between her and Lissa and I was like: “Hey, Tharja is waay easier and I like her a lot more!”… Well… nope. I can’t wait to wear and finish it! Hopefully someday I do have a completed group!

The Making Of Tharja:

Part 1: Pants and Belt

Part 2: Bra and Body

Part 3: Wig and Cape (coming soon)

Part 4: Collar and Capeaccessories (coming soon)

Part 5: Shoes and Rings (coming soon)

Part 6: Book and Make Up (coming soon)


May 2015 (coming soon)

Halloween 2017 (coming soon)

I really loved wearing this costume. At first I felt uncomfortable because somehow she just doesn’t suit me, but I guess it’s alright since a lot of people liked it <3. Thanks to my ex-boyfriend who helped me with everything I had to craft, this costume wouldn’t be finished without him now! I will definately wear her again and improve a few things!
Pictures below (c) Aikado (

I can feel the darkness growing ever strongerYou're already dead


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