Sophie Lhant [Future Arc] – Tales of Graces f

Sophie is a character I really, really like. She’s from the game “Tales of Graces f” and this is her Future Arc – Outfit. I actually wanted to do her normal outfit, but thinking about me wearing it in the summer and only having 2 weeks to sew this (and a second) costume… Nope. So I decided on this outfit, which I couldn’t finish in time for the actual convention. So I am taking my time now to get it done completely and to finish it for either spring or summer 2015.

The Making of Sophie’s Future Arc:

Part 1: Top and Pants

Part 2: Sleeves and Vest (coming soon)

Part 3: Socks and Shoes (coming soon)

Part 4: Wig (coming soon)

All in all I have to say… It is really hard to find a matching wig color in 150cm/59”… :\, but her outfit is in general pretty easy. I mostly had no trouble in drafting the patterns (except the shape of her pockets and the sleeves of her vest), although it really takes time to finish it off.


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