Marinette Dupain-Cheng [Ballgown] – Miraculous Ladybug


So originally I didn’t want to sew a ballgown, since I didn’t want to buy a ticket for the Dokomi cosplayprom. The morning before you finally could buy tickets a friend asked me if I wanted to go with her to the prom and sleep over at her place, so I decided to buy a ticket that night. The next day we went together to a fabric market and I thought about what I could wear and we found amazing fabric which would be perfect for a miraculous-inspired ballgown.
Once we were home we started to design a dress.
After all this I am really looking forward to wearing this dress! I wanted to design it in a way I could wear it without a wig as well, as an everyday outfit. I will go through the process of the design as well as the sewing process!

The Making of Marinette:

Part 1: Design (coming soon)

Part 2: Wig, Hat & Accessories (coming soon)

Part 3: Dress & Shoes (coming soon)


Dokomi 2017 (coming soon)


Ladybug inspired Ballgown Preview 1

Ladybug inspired Ballgown Preview 2


– more coming soon –