Hikari Yagami – Digimon Adventure Tri


I already wrote this here, so you might know this already, but Hikari is very dear to me. After having a completed Adventure 01 – group and our shoot we had to plan another one, including not only Adventure 01 but also Tri!
I am really looking forward to cosplaying her twice at the weekend and I’m pretty sure many more outfits and versions of Hikari will follow somewhen soon.
As you can see I will make both her uniforms – the winter and the summer one. I will prioritize on the winter version and if I have enough time before the shoot in march I will sew both. It’s only the top that changes, so it should be easy to do. Let’s hope I do have the time to do so!
(If not I will finish it afterwards, since I have the fabric for both versions.)

The Making Of Hikari:

Part 1: Wig, Make Up & DigiVice

Part 2: Top #1 – winter uniform (coming soon)

Part 3: Top #2 – summer uniform (coming soon)

Part 4: Skirt, Socks & Shoes (coming soon)


Digifection March 2017 (coming soon)

Sakura Photoshooting 2017 (coming soon)

Takari Photoshooting 2017 (coming soon)


Digifection Photoshooting 2017 Trailer

Digifection Photoshooting 2017 Day 1 (coming soon)

Digifection Photoshooting 2017 Day 2 (coming soon)

Sakura Photoshooting 2017

Takari CMV

Messehunter Connichi 2017

It was a real mess to get this costume done. I hoped for 2 weeks in which I would finish this… it took me a month straight. With working on it nearly every day. There were some big challenges I had to win and at long last I can say that I did it. I normally do not say that I like myself in a costume… but this time, I really do.
A big thank you to my amazing group (#Digifection – tumblr) for making me feel so special and having an awesome time. I can’t wait to do more photoshoots together with you all.

Hikari – me; Takeru – Roxi (https://www.facebook.com/Rosxi.Cosplay/?fref=ts) Photographer (c) Hielo (http://hielounplugged.tumblr.com/)

Cosplayers – #Digifection (https://digifection.tumblr.com/characters) Photographer (c) Hielo (http://hielounplugged.tumblr.com/)