Elsa [Icegown] – Frozen

I really love Elsa and her design, especially the Snowqueen/Ice-Dress. So after watching the Frozen-Movie twice in the movie theatre, I decided that I should do this dress, although my actual character is more like Anna. I started with the cosplay in february 2014, but couldn’t finish it in time for the convention I wanted to wear it at. So I am taking my time now and make everything with the amount of time I would like to spend, to get some nice pictures (we’ve planned a snow-shooting with my Jack Frost).

The Making of Elsa:

Part 1: The Wig

Part 2: The Shoes

Part 3: The Undershirt

Part 4: The Dress/Skirt (coming soon)

Part 5: The Corset (coming soon)

Part 6: The Cape (coming soon)

(Part 7: Make Up and Other Things (coming soon))

– more coming soon –


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