Elsa [Ballgown] – Frozen

King and Queen Frost

Normally I do not like pairing which will most likely not be a couple somewhen n the future. Specially not from different publishers. But my friend Sora – who will also be my Jack Frost (aka “King Frost”) got me loving this couple so badly! So after the normal Elsa-Version and after finding this picture, not having a cosplay-plan for the cosplayprom so far, we decided to do these versions. I am really looking forward to finishing and wearing it, because I can design things myself here and work with my fantasy. Which is really cool! I really enjoy working things out on my own from time to time <3.

The Making Of Elsa:

Part 1: Wig and Accessories

Part 2: Corset

Part 3: Skirts

Part 4: Shoes and Make Up

Part 5: Stola and Bag


May 2015

It was a lot of fun wearing this together with my awesome King Frost <3. Although I sewed a corset for this costume it was really comfortable to wear it all day long! I will improve the shoes and the wig a bit, but other than that I really love wearing it! *_*

Check out my friend Sora – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Pictures below made by Christoph Gerlach (www.cosbase.de – left) and my ex-boyfriend (right).

Ball1I just want it to be perfect!


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