Project Overview

Hello there!

This is my Overview-Page. You can find the projects I am working on or have completed right here.
The page is divided into different sections, starting with “Work in Progress“, which shows the costumes I am working on right now (or will start to do so very soon). “Started Projects” shows the projects on this blog that are in progress right now, where the costumes themselves are finished but the blogposts aren’t completely uploaded (or written) yet.
Planned Costumes” and “Finished Projects” should be clear: these are cosplays (including projects) that are planned for the future that may or may not be work in progress at some time as well as finished costumes including a finished project.

The number behind the costume shows when or in which year I want to finish it ([date/year]). A costume tagged with an [x] within the “Planned Costumes” section is a cosplay I already started working on, but am not at the moment.

That being said, here is the overview:


Work in Progress:

Started Projects:

Planned Costumes:

Finished Projects:



A few of my older costumes will probably be uploaded as a project somewhen soon. You can see an overview of my Cosplay History right here. If you have any suggestions of what I should write about next, feel free to contact me!

The word “project” I am using throughout this page (and blog) is used for the description of each part of a costume. For example, take a look at my Elsa Ballgown page. Writing about the wig, the skirt, the costume in general is a project and once I wrote about each step, this project is finished.


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