Project Overview

Welcome to my Overview-Page. You can find each project I started and finished here, as well as the ones that are coming soon. A project is the description of the different parts of a specific costume. For example my Elsa Ballgown is a project. A project is finished once I wrote blogposts about everything according to this costume. A started project is one I already started writing about without working on it at the moment. As soon as I am working on the blogposts for a project it will be listed on my sidebar with my current projects. Coming soon will show you the costumes that are a work in progress right now and will soon get blogposts as well.

My current projects are listed on the sidebar!

That being said, here is the overview:


Started Projects:

Finished Projects:


Coming soon:


On a sidenote:

A few of my older costumes will probably be also uploaded when I have the time to write their blogposts. I didn’t take many progress pictures a few years ago, so the projects will be pretty short. You can see an overview of my all the costumes I did right here. If you have any suggestions of what I should write about next, feel free to contact me!


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