New Year’s Resolution 2017 – Results

After posting my first cosplay-related New Year’s Resolution this year, which you can read by clicking here, I have some results for you now! What are resolutions and plans if you cannot complete these, right? The year is coming to an end now and I have to say that I couldn’t accomplish everything I wanted, but I did my best.

As always the year went by really fast. I still remember thinking about my resolutions for 2017… and now it’s almost 2018. There will be resolutions for the upcoming year as well, I will link it here as soon as it goes live.

Kikyo, Inuyasha; September 2017 – Photographer: Titus, Helper: Clavis

So what where my goals for this year?

First of all I wanted to graduate from university. And I did that. I officially have a bachelor’s degree: bachelor of arts in asian studies and japanese language. I still remember finishing school a few years ago… wow. Sadly I couldn’t find a good job and save up some money. That’s because I started with my new studies in october instead of searching for a job. I have a side job now and do save most of the money I get, but that’s not exactly what I had planned in the beginning of 2017. If you want to know what I started this year, feel free to read this small post here. With the saved up money I wanted to buy a better sewing machine and a camera. I was able to get a sewing machine! I love it and it’s way better than excepted… But I haven’t bought a camera yet. There are a few other things I need to save up money for first. But this will be something I want to accomplish in 2018!

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Behind The Scenes: Sakura Photoshooting 2017 Video

Hey there! Here is another video I uploaded on YouTube!

This time it’s Sorasparkle‘s and mine Sakura Photoshoot from this year’s april. We really had a lot of fun! The weather was good as well and I really love the outcome of the pictures <3

There are still a few videos to come! I sadly won’t finish them before the year ends. So stay tuned for that!
There will be some new video formats as well! I cannot wait and I hope you will like my ideas. :)

See you next time and thank you for watching!

Stay sparkly!

About Motivation, Discouragement and Doom Loops

After writing the blogpost about Cosplay Planning people were also asking and debating about motivation. Movtivation is always an important and frequently discussed topic within the cosplay community. In this blogpost I would like to share my negative story regarding costume making with you and give you tips that might help you get new energy. The tips listed below are not only my own, I gathered a few from friends as well.

Stella (Charmix) – WinX Club; Photographer & Editing: ThemisValvernis

Three years ago I had high expectations in myself and my skills when it came to cosplays. I had so many plans for 2015 and 2016… and spoilers ahead: I didn’t even accomplish half of it. As always I started my costumes way too late, which led me to my first issue: too less time for three way too complicated costumes. I had cosplay-partners and -groups, so I didn’t want to dissapoint my friends, so I unwillingly accepted the pressure of time. Whenever a part of my costume looked bad, I had to accept it, because of the time. This led to discouragement and dissatisfection. But I still kept going – after all my friends were counting on me. My standards were high, and again I didn’t reach them in any way. This is a doom loop you can barely get out. After finishing 2 out of 3 planned costumes for a convention in may 2015 I just wanted to rest. I did a third costume in early 2016 and that was it for these two years.

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The Relevance of Cosplay Planning

Hey everyone!
After showing my planning process on Instagram people were interested in a blogpost about cosplay planning and I’m really excited to write something about this topic as well! It’s a very important step in making your costumes and everyone has a different way of approaching this. In this blogpost I will show you how I personally plan my costumes and which steps you should not miss to prevent mistakes and avoid nerve-wracking moments.

So let’s jump right into this! First of all, again:

Planning is a very crucial and important part of cosplay making!

A good plan is half the battle.

If you know before starting the costume where to put snap fasteners, zippers or any other attachment for parts of your cosplay it’s much easier to think of a good pattern when making or adjusting one. It also helps you evaluate how much fabric you need for which parts without buying four meters more than actually needed. If you know from the start that you need to attach different parts via velcro onto your main garment, you should use a type of fabric with more stability. Also think about the kind of needles you may need! How many times did you have to wait a few days to finish your cosplay because you were missing some zippers or snaps and still waiting for the order to arrive? Think about it while planning your costume and you will most likely not need to order something you missed in between. Do you have enough snap fasteners? Count them! Do you really have enough at home for your project?

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Cosplay Music Video: Takari (Digimon) – Did I Mention CMV

Hey there! It’s been a while since I last uploaded anything on YouTube.. Sorry for that! My studies for voice acting started recently and I had a lot to do and will even more the upcoming months. I hope to upload some dubs as well somewhen soon! Stay tuned for this ;).

And without further ado, here is my new YouTube upload:

My friend Jolien and I had a lot of fun filming this video! It was a rather spontaneous idea and I’m super happy we did it! I had even more fun cutting and editing this video and I was constantly thinking about how I can make it even more hilarious. I hope you have fun watching it as well! <3

(And again, a little disclaimer: Digimon belongs to Toei Animation and the song Did I Mention belongs to Disney’s Descendants. This is just for fun and without commercial thought. Thank you!)

Last but not least:

Would you be interested in more CMVs (Cosplay Music Videos)? What kind of cosplay-related videos would you like to see? <3

See you next time and thank you for watching!

Stay sparkly! Kikyo Cosplay Review

Hey everyone! Today I have something exciting and new for you! After posting mainly cosplay tutorials, pictures and updates… it’s time to introduce you to a new series on my blog: Cosplay Reviews!

I had the chance to review a costume from and I decided to go with their Kikyo Cosplay.

After they received my measurements the costume got custom-made and then sent to me. The paket arrived the day I drove to denmark. I missed it a few hours. Yay me for the best timing ever! The paket itself was waterproof, which I really liked. Inside of it was a ziplock bag, which makes it easier for me to store:

The costume consists of three parts: the top, the pants and the bow.

The top is made out of light and seethrough cotton fabric. The pants and the red parts in general are made out of polyester. I personally don’t like polyester and sheer cotton that much, but it suits Kikyo’s outfit – and on top of that: fabric with higher quality would lead to a higher price. All seams were sewn and secured with a serger. The first fitting test surprised me. It fit really well, better than expected.

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Life Update: Graduation! And now?

Hey everyone! Today I have a short life update for you!

After all the stress I had lately I can finally say…. I finished university!

My bachelors thesis is handed in and I’m waiting for my last and final grade as well as my certification.
As soon as I have this document I officially have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asien Studies and Japanese.
I still remember graduating from school… wow. Time sure flies, don’t you think?

Graduation Robe, June 30th 2017

But that’s not everything, I have even more to say! I’m currently in denmark for vacation. Time to relax! :D

And even better: After my vacation I will prepare myself for something new. Something I wanted to do in the future and I will be able to do sooner than expected. Something I really love. A wish come true!

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