Cosplay History

Here you’ll see the costumes I made, listed in an chronological order. The character’s name will link to a ‘Cosplay vs Character‘ picture, if there is a project for the costume on my blog, it will be linked behind the series. Cosplay pictures of the finished costume will be in the description of the project itself.

I will start with the newer costumes, putting the old ones at the end. The year I finished them in is listed above. A few more information are at the bottom of the page. Feel free to check those out, if you’re interested.

And without further ado, here is my “Cosplay History“:













  • Hikari/Dawn – Pokémon [half selfmade]
  • Blue [Firered/Leafgreen] – Pokémon [not selfmade]
    -> 2 costumes


Total: 46 costumes

So all in all a lot of costumes. One of my plans for the future is, that I want to make less costumes, so I can spend more time for one. Although I consider myself as a cosplayer, I do want to sew some original designs, too, which would not actually be called “cosplays”. They will be also listed here, named with “[OC]” (short for ‘original character‘) or “[OD]” (original design). “[OS]” stands for ‘original story‘ (cosplaying characters from an original story) and I will write “[not selfmade]” behind a cosplay if I wasn’t the one who sewed it or I just bought it.


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