Happy New Year!

And with a wink of an eye the year comes to an end now. I still remember the cold january we had in Germany and now the year is already over. I wish you all

a happy new year!

Let 2018 be a healthy and funny year! Be careful and enjoy every little moment!

Best Nine on Instagram! Thank you! <3

A lot has happened this year – positive situations as well as negative ones. And all of those shape who we are. It may be hard sometimes, but never forget that it only makes you stronger. Let’s all work together to make the world a happier place in 2018!

Until next year!
Thank you for reading and joining me on my cosplay-journey.

Stay sparkly! <3


Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a though of getting.

– Thomas S. Monson

Hikari Yagami – Digimon Adventure Tri; Photographer: Sorasparkle

It’s already christmas! Time flew by pretty fast this year, don’t you think?

I wish you all

a merry christmas and happy holidays!

Stay safe and warm and enjoy the time with our family and friends!

Until then: Stay sparkly! <3

New Year’s Resolution 2017 – Results

After posting my first cosplay-related New Year’s Resolution this year, which you can read by clicking here, I have some results for you now! What are resolutions and plans if you cannot complete these, right? The year is coming to an end now and I have to say that I couldn’t accomplish everything I wanted, but I did my best.

As always the year went by really fast. I still remember thinking about my resolutions for 2017… and now it’s almost 2018. There will be resolutions for the upcoming year as well, I will link it here as soon as it goes live.

Kikyo, Inuyasha; September 2017 – Photographer: Titus, Helper: Clavis

So what where my goals for this year?

First of all I wanted to graduate from university. And I did that. I officially have a bachelor’s degree: bachelor of arts in asian studies and japanese language. I still remember finishing school a few years ago… wow. Sadly I couldn’t find a good job and save up some money. That’s because I started with my new studies in october instead of searching for a job. I have a side job now and do save most of the money I get, but that’s not exactly what I had planned in the beginning of 2017. If you want to know what I started this year, feel free to read this small post here. With the saved up money I wanted to buy a better sewing machine and a camera. I was able to get a sewing machine! I love it and it’s way better than excepted… But I haven’t bought a camera yet. There are a few other things I need to save up money for first. But this will be something I want to accomplish in 2018!

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New Year’s Resolution 2017

Hey there! The new year has finally started and I hope you had an awesome start into 2017!

New year, new luck! … as I like to say. Normally, to have new luck, you are thinking about the past year(s) and try to think of new and better ways to survive the upcoming one. And what is a good way to do so? Exactly, New Year’s Resolutions!

Although I did not post resolutions for 2016, I really want to start doing so. I love cosplaying and sewing, so why not make a list only for cosplay-related resolutions?

The first things I want to mention do seem to be not related to cosplay at all. But they are, more or less, because it affects my time for working on costumes.

So 2017 is THE year! I will graduate from university in summer and I still need to write my bachelor thesis, so I obviously cannot work on costumes as much as I want. Too bad… But I really need to get this done properly. After graduating I want to find a good job and save up some money for a few things, including a new and better sewing machine and a nice camera. And I hope I can somehow accomplish that.

Shana, Shakugan no Shana, 2012 – Photo (c) “Asasparkle Cosplay” (Facebook)

I also want to start going to the fitness center, at least once a week, to get in shape. Yes, this is a very crucial resolution! If I want to shoot a lot of things and especially wear Ladybug in spring or summer this year, I need to be ready. And I want to do that. For that purpose I even created the hashtag #roadtomiraculous, to motivate myself!

And now… moving on to directly cosplay – related resolutions.

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… and a Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying your last few hours of 2016!

Let’s say goodbye to the ending year and welcome 2017 with a bright future!


Jack Frost (King Frost) – Rise of the Guardians by “Sorasparkle Cosplay” (Facebook!); Elsa (Ballgown) – Frozen by “Nikasparkle Cosplay”; Picture (c) Jurai Spring 2015

Although there were a lot of good things that happend in 2016, I’m glad that it finally ends. All in all this year was one of my worst years. Nevertheless I am happy about every experience I got – be it good or bad ones.

I have a few things planned for 2017 and I will write a New Year’s Resolution blogpost about this topic soon! If you’re interested in that: stay tuned! <3

Until then: Stay sparkly!

Merry Christmas…

Hey everyone!
I wish you all a merry merry Christmas!

Wherever you may live in the world, I hope you’re having a great holiday with your family!


Colette Brunel, Tales of Symphonia, 2012 – Photo (c) Elynn (http://e-l-y-n-n.deviantart.com/)

I have a few things planned for 2017 and I will write a New Year’s Resolution blogpost about this topic soon! If you’re interested in that: stay tuned! <3

Until then: Stay sparkly!❤