The Relevance of Cosplay Planning

Hey everyone!
After showing my planning process on Instagram people were interested in a blogpost about cosplay planning and I’m really excited to write something about this topic as well! It’s a very important step in making your costumes and everyone has a different way of approaching this. In this blogpost I will show you how I personally plan my costumes and which steps you should not miss to prevent mistakes and avoid nerve-wracking moments.

So let’s jump right into this! First of all, again:

Planning is a very crucial and important part of cosplay making!

A good plan is half the battle.

If you know before starting the costume where to put snap fasteners, zippers or any other attachment for parts of your cosplay it’s much easier to think of a good pattern when making or adjusting one. It also helps you evaluate how much fabric you need for which parts without buying four meters more than actually needed. If you know from the start that you need to attach different parts via velcro onto your main garment, you should use a type of fabric with more stability. Also think about the kind of needles you may need! How many times did you have to wait a few days to finish your cosplay because you were missing some zippers or snaps and still waiting for the order to arrive? Think about it while planning your costume and you will most likely not need to order something you missed in between. Do you have enough snap fasteners? Count them! Do you really have enough at home for your project?

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Elsa [Ballgown], Making Of – Part 5: Stola and Bag

And finally here is another part of my Elsa Ballgown series.
If you haven’t read the other parts, be sure to check them out right here.

The dress itself was ready by now, but since I didn’t want to get into the ballroom with my big convention-bag, I wanted to make a fitting one for my dress. So I started to design my bag and get the measurements I wanted according to the fabric and accessories I had bought for this or at hand.

Also, on a sidenote: I will never use panne velvet for anything again.

So I started with the lining and the side parts to get the size and lenght correctly. My cat was a huge helper here while elaborating the strings.

Meow. Looking good.

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Hikari Yagami [Tri], Making Of – Part 1: Wig, Make Up and DigiVice

Welcome to a new Making Of – Series. Yes, I know, I haven’t even finished the started ones, but I like to have some variety… So today I will start with the Wig, Make Up and the DigiVices I made for my Hikari Yagami Cosplay from the anime series Digimon Adventure Tri.

For all of you who don’t know what she/her outfit looks like:

As you probably can tell she has a school uniform. She is in middle school and wears a winter- and summeruniform and as much as I love Hikari – you should know – I will sew both. Well, at this point the winter uniform is finished.

Since I am going over things that took a long while (I did take a lot of progress pictures!) this post will be rather long. Be prepared for text. Warning over. Without further ado, let’s get started:

So to get started, what do I need? A wig, some basic make up and some basic DigiVices.

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Tharja, Making Of – Part 2: Bra and Body

And I’m back with the first making of – blogpost in 2017! This time I will be talking about Tharja from Fire Emblem again. Since I know a lot of people (especially those who want to cosplay Tharja aswell) who really don’t know how to do her body, this is one thing I would like to explain in detail – including the bra.

If you haven’t read part 1 (pants & belt) yet, feel free to do so by clicking here.

The first thing I did was making the rings she wears on her middlefingers. I thought about a good way to craft them and since I got Worbla’s DecoArt I figured why not try this out.


This is what it looks like. Don’t worry, these are no drugs, these are the DecoArt Pellets. If you put them into hot water, they will melt and you can form them into any shape you’d like. The best thing: You can always reheat it by putting it back into the water to form it again. So I made two rings and after they were completely dry (they turn transparent when they are heated, but turn back to white once they’re dry) I painted some golden color onto them and sprayed fixing spray over these.


Next thing I did was buying 3 pairs of tights in a brownish color that would fit Tharja’s body-color. Two in a fitting size (I wanted to buy one in size S and one in M, but they only had M, so I bought two of these) and one that would be way too big (XL).
I tried one on as soon as it got here and I must say… I really like the color. I got these from an ebay-seller and if I recall correctly the color was called “chocolate”.

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Hikari Yagami, Making Of – Part 2: Top, Scarf and Whistle

Aaand finally another making of part! Yay!
This time I’m going to write about her top, her scarf and the whistle she wears around her neck.
Again, I don’t have that much pictures. I’m sorry, I always forget to take more than I do normally…

Anyway, if you haven’t read Part 1 of the Hikari-Making-Of, feel free to do so. I also have a page with more information about the costume and her character, including the links to each and every link to the making of parts.

Okay, so let’s get started.


First of all I found this fabric at a local fabric market. I bought it twice (it was a special offer – 2 pieces of fabric for… I don’t know, cheap enough), since I wanted it to use for another costume as well (Honoka [Dancing Stars On Me]).

After that I looked for buttons I can easily cover with fabric – and that was basically the first thing I did:


Tadah! I had finished buttons.

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Hikari Yagami, Making Of – Part 1: Wig and Make Up

Kari is a character who is very dear to me. I always liked her, loved her Digimon Tailmon (and all evolutions) and light is something I always could refer to myself – I love the light, especially the sunlight, and anime taught me in my young ages that you shouldn’t loose the light and fait in youself.
Thanks to all this I wanted to cosplay her for a long time! And by the time you read this, this costume is already done and worn at least 3 times. And there are at least 2 more times to follow.

Kari Collage

I really love this costume and after all this talk it is time to start the project! Wuuuhu!

First of all let me tell you a bit about the wig.
I don’t know why, but I didn’t take enough pictures. The process was simple, though.

I got the wig through a friend of our Sora (who is also my Jack Frost). She sold it and since I thought the color was quite fitting for Kari I bought it right away.

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Tharja, Making Of – Part 1: Pants and Belt

Hello and welcome to the start of a new Making Of!

This time I talk about Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening! The game is so gorgeous and addictive, as well as the following one Fire Emblem Fates! Tharja is a cosplay I finished by now. (Or nearly. I’m still missing the book.)

So if you don’t know what Tharja looks like, here is a picture for you:

A few people might know that I’m really liking dark mages and just any kind of dark people.
So it might or might not have been obvious that I would choose her.

After I decided to work on her costume, I went to a fabric market to get my first fabrics.
I was really lucky there because I got everything I needed! Including a golden fabric. In Germany it is really rare to get real spandex and guess what? I just found the perfect amount for a little money for that.


I also got nearly perfect embroidery floss! I was really happy about that. So as soon as I had time I started with her pants she wears under her belt.


As always I started with making my own pattern for her pants. It somehow worked out really well. I had some fitting issues but putting in some more stripes of fabric at the sides made it work. It wouldn’t be seen anyway since the belt would completely overlay the pants at that point.

I added the golden part to the center of the pants. I knew those would most likely not be seen, but I wanted to have them. I don’t know why.

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