EpicCon 2018

Hey everyone!

Normally my first convention of the year starts in spring… but this year is different!
Two weeks ago – on the 3rd and 4th of february – it was already time for EpicCon in Münster, Germany.

This year I really would like to attend a few cosplay competitions like DCM, the German Cosplay Championship. To start this off I competed in the cosplay contest from EpicCon on sunday. And I was not alone! I hadmy partner in crime, Ophani, with me! Together we did the best we could and had a lot of fun! We didn’t win anything, but that’s okay. It’s the experience that matters.

Here is our performance! It’s in German, but I added English subtitles! Feel free to take a look, if it interests you!
We wore Hikari Yagami and Angewomon from Digimon Adventure Tri and did a fanmade sequel to the dark ocean from season 02 on stage!

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Twitch Update

Hey everyone!

I hope the new year started as good as you wished it would be!

Here’s a little update for you. I don’t know if you noticed already, but I started with cosplay livestreams a few days ago. I try go stream at least once a week, but there might be some time in which I cannot afford that. If you’re interested in watching me working on costumes live, feel free to check out my Twitch account:

NikasparkleCosplay on Twitch

Nikasparkle on Twitch – Offline Screen

I am currently working on Ladybug, Zoe Ayamoto, Sheeta, Marinette Ballgown and Kazemon while streaming, but there will be many more projects in the future (For example: Honoka, Elsa and Marinette).

I don’t know why, but streaming while cos-working motivates me so much and it’s so much fun as well, that I would really to stream more often. I’m mostly live between 3 and 9pm Central European Time. If you missed a stream, you can watch the video later on.

On a sidenote:
I’m mostly speaking German in my streams, but please feel free to write English in the chat. As soon as there are English speakers watching, I’ll switch to English!

I would love to talk to you on Twitch! I also opened a Discord Server for Cosplay stuff, if you’d like to motivate others to work on their costumes by posting progress and write with other Cosplayers, feel free to join us!

Nikasparkle on Twitch – End Screen

As always, thank you for reading!

Stay sparkly! <3

A 2017-Cosplay-Recap!

Since 2017 is over now and I did some more costumes last year than the years before, I wanted to give you a little year-recap of my costumes, photoshoots and cosplay-achievements 2017.

I managed to make six new costumes last year. two and a half of these are selfmade, one was sponsored and the otheres are bought together more or less. Here is an overview of my cosplay-year 2017:

Cosplay Overview 2017 – Nikasparkle

The first two (from upper left to right) are my Hikari Yagami costumes from Digimon Adventure Tri. Since she’s wearing the same uniform except for her top in winter and summer, I used the same skirt. That’s why I count these as 1,5 costumes. Here is the project, if you’re interested.

The third one is Hikari Yagami from Digimon Adventure Tri in her Yukata. She wears one in the second movie where they go to the onsen (hot spring). I bought the yukata in Japan and loved it from the beginning. It’s not exactly the same as in the movie, but I loved wearing it either way. Since I bought it I don’t have a project for this costume. If you want to know more about the wig please take a look at the uniform project from Hikari which is linked above. Eitherway, here is a side by side picture for you.

Forth is my Marinette Dupain-Cheng Ballgown from Miraculous Ladybug. I designed the gown myself and although this may not be recognized as Marinette without knowing, I really think it suits her character. I loved wearing the dress and it’s definately one of my favourite sewn clothes in 2017. Here is her project (in progress) and a side by side picture.

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Behind The Scenes: Sakura Photoshooting 2017 Video

Hey there! Here is another video I uploaded on YouTube!

This time it’s Sorasparkle‘s and mine Sakura Photoshoot from this year’s april. We really had a lot of fun! The weather was good as well and I really love the outcome of the pictures <3

There are still a few videos to come! I sadly won’t finish them before the year ends. So stay tuned for that!
There will be some new video formats as well! I cannot wait and I hope you will like my ideas. :)

See you next time and thank you for watching!

Stay sparkly!

About Motivation, Discouragement and Doom Loops

After writing the blogpost about Cosplay Planning people were also asking and debating about motivation. Movtivation is always an important and frequently discussed topic within the cosplay community. In this blogpost I would like to share my negative story regarding costume making with you and give you tips that might help you get new energy. The tips listed below are not only my own, I gathered a few from friends as well.

Stella (Charmix) – WinX Club; Photographer & Editing: ThemisValvernis

Three years ago I had high expectations in myself and my skills when it came to cosplays. I had so many plans for 2015 and 2016… and spoilers ahead: I didn’t even accomplish half of it. As always I started my costumes way too late, which led me to my first issue: too less time for three way too complicated costumes. I had cosplay-partners and -groups, so I didn’t want to dissapoint my friends, so I unwillingly accepted the pressure of time. Whenever a part of my costume looked bad, I had to accept it, because of the time. This led to discouragement and dissatisfection. But I still kept going – after all my friends were counting on me. My standards were high, and again I didn’t reach them in any way. This is a doom loop you can barely get out. After finishing 2 out of 3 planned costumes for a convention in may 2015 I just wanted to rest. I did a third costume in early 2016 and that was it for these two years.

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The Relevance of Cosplay Planning

Hey everyone!
After showing my planning process on Instagram people were interested in a blogpost about cosplay planning and I’m really excited to write something about this topic as well! It’s a very important step in making your costumes and everyone has a different way of approaching this. In this blogpost I will show you how I personally plan my costumes and which steps you should not miss to prevent mistakes and avoid nerve-wracking moments.

So let’s jump right into this! First of all, again:

Planning is a very crucial and important part of cosplay making!

A good plan is half the battle.

If you know before starting the costume where to put snap fasteners, zippers or any other attachment for parts of your cosplay it’s much easier to think of a good pattern when making or adjusting one. It also helps you evaluate how much fabric you need for which parts without buying four meters more than actually needed. If you know from the start that you need to attach different parts via velcro onto your main garment, you should use a type of fabric with more stability. Also think about the kind of needles you may need! How many times did you have to wait a few days to finish your cosplay because you were missing some zippers or snaps and still waiting for the order to arrive? Think about it while planning your costume and you will most likely not need to order something you missed in between. Do you have enough snap fasteners? Count them! Do you really have enough at home for your project?

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Cosplay Music Video: Takari (Digimon) – Did I Mention CMV

Hey there! It’s been a while since I last uploaded anything on YouTube.. Sorry for that! My studies for voice acting started recently and I had a lot to do and will even more the upcoming months. I hope to upload some dubs as well somewhen soon! Stay tuned for this ;).

And without further ado, here is my new YouTube upload:

My friend Jolien and I had a lot of fun filming this video! It was a rather spontaneous idea and I’m super happy we did it! I had even more fun cutting and editing this video and I was constantly thinking about how I can make it even more hilarious. I hope you have fun watching it as well! <3

(And again, a little disclaimer: Digimon belongs to Toei Animation and the song Did I Mention belongs to Disney’s Descendants. This is just for fun and without commercial thought. Thank you!)

Last but not least:

Would you be interested in more CMVs (Cosplay Music Videos)? What kind of cosplay-related videos would you like to see? <3

See you next time and thank you for watching!

Stay sparkly!