Elsa [Ballgown], Making Of – Part 5: Stola and Bag

And finally here is another part of my Elsa Ballgown series.
If you haven’t read the other parts, be sure to check them out right here.

The dress itself was ready by now, but since I didn’t want to get into the ballroom with my big convention-bag, I wanted to make a fitting one for my dress. So I started to design my bag and get the measurements I wanted according to the fabric and accessories I had bought for this or at hand.

Also, on a sidenote: I will never use panne velvet for anything again.

So I started with the lining and the side parts to get the size and lenght correctly. My cat was a huge helper here while elaborating the strings.

Meow. Looking good.

And then the proper fabric. Which got…. elaborated with rhinestones, as you can see. It also has some interfacing.
Of course it had to be snowflakes. Of course. I sewed everything together and the outer fabric to the lining.

I then sewed on a beautiful blue lace onto the bag and put on some more rhinestones! The last thing missing was the closure. I used a heartshaped, lightly see-through button for this!

And this is it. Here are pictures of the finished bag:

What do you think? Despite it being made out of panne velvet I really like the shape and the detailing. It isn’t that sturdy, but it can contain everything it needs for a nice evening and dancing.


Lastly let me tell you something about the Stola I made… Well, it’s just a rectangular piece of fabric.
I wanted to elaborate it with some rhinestone snowflakes and dots… but it wouldn’t be seen anyways because the chances are low that the stola is fully seen. So I decided against it. Maybe I will put some random rhinestone dots all  over the ends before I will take pictures of it again. Either way, this is what it looks like:


And with this, my Elsa Ballgown costume is complete. This was a really fun project and I had fun designing something myself which I would be happy with AND would fit the character. I will do this more often, I guess, because there aren’t that many thing that actually can go wrong when you decide yourself how it should look like. Unless you are like me, want a challenge and make everything more complicated. :)

There are only pictures left now and I this will be the one and only missing “Making Of” post for Elsa. There will be one post for each photoshoot, of course, but since I only wore it once until now there is only one to follow, right?

I hope you are looking forward to seeing the pictures. I can tell I really love them!
Be sure to check out the Making Of page for this costume right here!


Thank you for reading.

Stay sparkly!


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