Hikari Yagami [Tri], Making Of – Part 1: Wig, Make Up and DigiVice

Welcome to a new Making Of – Series. Yes, I know, I haven’t even finished the started ones, but I like to have some variety… So today I will start with the Wig, Make Up and the DigiVices I made for my Hikari Yagami Cosplay from the anime series Digimon Adventure Tri.

For all of you who don’t know what she/her outfit looks like:

As you probably can tell she has a school uniform. She is in middle school and wears a winter- and summeruniform and as much as I love Hikari – you should know – I will sew both. Well, at this point the winter uniform is finished.

Since I am going over things that took a long while (I did take a lot of progress pictures!) this post will be rather long. Be prepared for text. Warning over. Without further ado, let’s get started:

So to get started, what do I need? A wig, some basic make up and some basic DigiVices.

I saw this wig for sale on twitter and I thought something like “Hey, that’s my chance again!” since I got my Hikari Yagami 01 Wig (click) the same way. As soon as I got it I was thrilled. The color looked perfect.

But I guess you can never have the same luck with wigs. The hair strands themselves were really loose, the wig did not look got at all. So I ordered another one from an ebay seller I always liked.
I ordered the wig in light brown and after 2 days of waiting the wig arrived – as always I decided two weeks before the actual deadline to buy a new wig. Haha.

As you can probably see (warning: no make up) I didn’t like the color. At all. It was way too light. Depending on the lighting and the color of the anime it would somehow fit, but I couldn’t get myself to like the color. So… all good things are times three, right? And I ordered another one. From the same ebay seller, the same wig… just in “brown”, instead of “light brown”. Again, the wig came to my place really fast.

And yes, this was it. It had the perfect color and I could make this work. I prepared my bobbypins and got everything ready… But before I start, let me just show you the color difference in natural light:

The “light brown” looks more like a “dark blonde” right here. But I had no problems getting the money for the first wig back, so that’s another good point I have with the seller.

I got my wig cap ready, taped my headform onto my table, put some reference pictures onto my tablet and was good to go. I walked around the wig cap all day long… and it is really refreshing to not have any strands of hair somewhere around your face. Nothing that could break your concentration.

And so it began. I cut the long part in the back a little shorter, put the wig onto my head and started pinning and clipping the strands into place. Which wasn’t easy at all. It took a long time to get everything where I wanted it to be, especially since the wig is super thin. So you could easily see the wignet, which is no choice for me. I criss-crossed the hairstrands, put the wig back onto my head, clipped some more strands into place… and started to cut the last layers of hair.

And this is what it looked like after 3 hours of working on it. You couldn’t even recognize Hikari here.
As always it needs it’s time to look good. That’s always an issue with me working on costumes.

After some more hours you could kind of see where it’s going. Kind of. To be honest (and as you can probably see)… I wasn’t happy with the wig. Not at all.
You could see the wignet everywhere and it reminded me of Himekawa (see left picture below this while referring to Digimon Tri 4 “Loss”… haha).

So I decided to leave it as it is for now and go to sleep. I actually didn’t want to work on it the next day, but I somehow had the motivation to give it another try. As you can see I clipped some hair away, cut the front, glued it into place, got the next layer of hair, cut it, glued it into place… you get the idea.

I cut layer for layer (which took hours, like everything on this costume), hairsprayed and heated it with a hairdryer. And it worked. There’s nothing a strong hairspray and a dryer can’t do. I did this to the front and the back and after this whole process you could barely see the wignet, which made me super happy.

(And yes, I have the crest of light printed and glued onto my working space.)

I used some real glue to get the front bangs pointy, put my white bobbypin into the wig (long story short: I knew I had a white one but couldn’t find it, so I prepared silver ones and as soon as I started to work on the wig I found the white one I knew of.) and made a test.

Happier face this time because guess what? I liked the result.

In this test-picture my D3 DigiVice was already finished and this is the next thing I want to talk about:

These were the references we had. Our Takeru can make 3D models and she already did one for her Ken costume, so we used the Adventure 02 design as a base, but decided to use the colors of the Tri animation.

These were the printed results. Our Takeru also printed out a 01 DigiVice for our Taichi.
Since Takeru had to go towork and could only work on costume on the weekend I decided to take them home with me and paint them (because I had semester break and enough time to do so). I painted a coat of Gesso on top of it and let it dry.

Once I was home I sprayed some fille over them and sanded them. Which would turn out to be a bad idea, because the white spraypaint I bought for the DigiVices wouldn’t stick to them properly. We don’t know why, maybe it’s because of the actual 3D material… or some combination of the gesso and the filler. The spray itself worked properly on metal and wood. And again… more dispair, more time needed.

I decided to give the D3 Vices a second coat of white spraypaint (bad idea) and just start with the lightblue acrylic paint onto the 01 DigiVice. Once I decided to leave the D3 Vices as they are and not put anymore white spraypaint onto them, the 01 Vice was nearly finished. Whoops.

This is what it looked like so far. At least the colors were fine and nice.
I started painting white acrylic paint over the D3 Vices, because they somehow needed it. Gosh, these gave me real headaches. While those were still white I only needed some finishing egdes and the black part on the 01 Vice.

After… a lot of time and nerves and pain I finally had some progress to show. The 01 Vice was already finished, while the D3 Vices were still in progress. It took a really long time to clean up the edges. The grey display is missing here as well.

Here’s a close up! I added the dots, the black needs some cleaning up, but the pink and green are all cleaned up here.

After some more black, grey, white, grey, black, white… and so on it was time to sand the sides again and paint them again. There were huge blobs of paint which … didn’t look nice. So they needed to be smoothed.

And then it was finally time. They were finished.

There was only missing the clear coat to seal everything.

Tadah! I loved them. And my Takeru did as well <3.

Nyaromon was also finished and a friend of ours painted some eggs so they would fit our partner digimon!
Isn’t that cute? I really love it!!

Now the only thing missing was a make up test.
Although it looks like a lot… this is not even everything I own. I guess I have a make up problem. Whoops.

Hikari is not that old, neither in Adventure 01, nor in Tri, so I decided to not go crazy with the make up. I used a little bit of foundation, some pale powder and nude eyeshadows to give my eyes a little bit of color while not being too strong. I used a little bit of contouring on the cheeks, so that my face wouldn’t look that fat, because I had the problem it might according to her hairstyle. I used a light rosé lipstick to give my lips some peachy and fresh color and darkend my eyebrows a little bit. And that’s everything I did.

For the eyes I started with light colors at the inner corner of my eye, getting darker at the outside and defining them more in the crease. I also used liquid liner for my eyeliner, so that they would look even more defined. All in all it is a lightweight make up and fitting for Hikari. At least in my opinion. I decided to only use mascara and not glue on some false lashes. It just wouldn’t fit her style in general.

The wig itself is glued with some eyelash-glue onto my face, so that it wouldn’t stand up and go everywhere.

That’s it for now. I hope you could get some good tips for your cosplays out of this.
As always, thank you for reading and see you next time!

Stay sparkly!


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