Cosplay-Plans 2017

It is finally time to talk about my plans I have for 2017!

If it interests you, feel free to read this blogpost. If you’re here for a character specific blogpost, why not read the last one I posted? Just click here.

Warning: There will be a lot of text! If you don’t want to read everything, you could just take a look at the pictures if you want to! :)


1st: Conventions

Let’s start with the fixed plans: the conventions I’m visiting including the costumes I will wear that time. I only have two conventions I’ll be going to 100% this year and one “maybe-convention”. These will be the following ones:


Japanday 2017
May 20th; Düsseldorf, Germany

I haven’t been to the Japanday in costume the last few years, so I decided to try it out again. I will probably wear the Yukata Hikari Yagami wears in Digimon Adventure Tri together with a friends as Sora Takenouchi. Although I won’t sew a new Yukata! I will wear the one I bought in Japan which looks similar to the one she wears in the movie.


Dokomi 2017
June 3rd & 4th; Düsseldorf, Germany

If I can get it done, I want to wear Ladybug (Miraculous) on saturday with a friend as Chat Noir, a miraculous-inspired Ballgown for the cosplay-prom and Tharja with a gigantic Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates group on sunday.

I am thinking about visiting the Connichi in Kassel, Germany, which takes place from september 22nd to 24th. I am allowed to sleep over at a friend’s place, but I cannot say for sure if I will attend the convention. I’m not sure if I have enough time or money at that time yet. I am also not sure which costumes I should wear.

2nd: Costume Plans

I only have two conventions planned, but I want to get a few more costumes done this year. I doubt I will finish all of them, but I wanted to list them anyways.


First things first. I already mentioned this within my New Year’s Resolution post, but I really want to get the school uniform of Hikari Yagami done (Digimon Adventure Tri). I will prioritize on the winter version and if I get it done in time I hope to also sew the summer version. The only thing changing here is the shirt, so if I have the time to do it, this will be an easy task. I will wear this costume in march for a Digimon Tri – shooting as well as in april for the German release of the Digimon Tri movies in cinemas. Here is her overview page.


As said above, I want to make a miraculous-inspired Ballgown for Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Miraculous). I already started working on it. The base for the dress as well as the hat are finished by now. There are missing some details and jewellery, but all in all I can get it easily done. The overview page ist here.


Ladybug from Miraculous Ladybug is planned for a convention this year and I really hope I can somehow accomplish this costume in time. Although it might look easy it certainly won’t be. You can see a complete overview of my progress here. By now I only made the earrings, but there will be a little bit more coming soon!


Next we have Kaitou Jeanne from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. I love the outfit she wears in the second arc of the story. Her outfit varies if you look at the anime version and the manga one, so I decided to stick to the anime version, which you can see in the picture above. I also already started working on her costume, since I had a little bit of time and most of the fabrics already at home. The skirt and pants are finished, a pattern for her red shirt is ready as well. I started with the gloves, bought a base for her ribbon and the base-shoes are ready for some more action. I haven’t posted anything about Jeanne yet, but feel free to take a look at my overview page.


Honoka Kousaka is a character which is very dear to me. The songs of Love Live! School Idol Project always inspire me and Dancing Stars On Me is one of my favourite ones! I have all of her fabrics at home, including a wig (I’ll use the same one I already used for her Yume No Tobira outfit). I’m still missing some base shoes, but all in all I could start working on this costume! And I hope to finish it for Halloween this year.
You can see the progress overview page here and listen to the song here.

Elsa from Frozen is also a costume I started a few years ago and I never got to finish it. I already have the skirt-base, her undershirt, her shoes and the wig ready to go! Hopefully I can work a bit more on the costume this year.
You can read about my progress here!

3rd: Shooting Plans

Moving on to the shoots I have planned this year. These are a lot of plans and ideas, so instead of showing you every costume with a picutre by itself, like above, take a look at this little collage I made:


So let’s start from the top left to the top right, moving my way down to the bottom right.

First of all you can see two civil outfits! And that’s right, I will have a shoot together with Kuno in march or april and I can’t wait to get some normal photos of myself! Kuno improved a lot over the last few years and I am looking forward to seeing his photos! These outfits mean a lot to me, because I either wore or bought them in Japan – these are my favourite clothes by now!

Next you can see two Digimon pictures. And yes, we will have a complete weekend when we take pictures!! We already had a Adventure 01 shoot in june 2016 (click here for a picture) and wanted to do this all over again! This time our original Yamato and Mimi had to cancel, but we found new people and got everyone ready for two days of 01 and Adventure Tri! We also have a Meiko for Tri! The shoot will be in march this year! <3

At the left you can see Honoka Kousaka again in her Dancing Stars On Me outfit. I already said that I want to get this done for Halloween this year and of course there has to be a halloween-inspired shoot. Maybe we can get it done indoors – a few friends and I are thinking about a studio shoot and this would be the perfect opportunity for this!

Next we have Tharja & Henry from Fire Emblem: Awakening. We wore this costume together at a convention, but we still want some amazing pictures including some smoke bombs and amazing light! Of course this has to be halloween-inspired as well. I already finished this costume (click), so we just need to find the perfect place and time.

At the beginning of the year I won a shoot in a giveaway on facebook! We are not exactly sure about the time and place, but we will most likely shoot my miraulous-inspired Ballgown I designed for Marinette Dupain-Cheng from Miraculous Ladybug! I don’t have any specific ideas until now, but I really hope we can accomplish that and have an awesome time together!

Everytime I watch Digimon Adventure 01 I cry whenever I see the Wizardmon‘s scene. A dear friend of mine did finish her Wizardmon costume in fall last year and of course we had to think about a shoot together with me as Hikari Yagami! I hope we can get some dramatic pictures of this scene and some amazing photos in general together!

After showing you Tharja & Henry together, I want to have some amazing solo-pictures of this costume as well. I have a few ideas in mind for this and maybe even a photographer, but let’s see after some time if I can get this done somehow! For this I want to create a dark and creepy atmosphere without making it specificly halloween-inspired.

The next picture shows Elsa from Frozen and Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians in a prom-inspired look. I already finished this costume (click) and we wore it together, but we really want some awesome pictures including some kind of castle. Let’s see if we can get this done this year!

I already made my Cure Pine costume in 2013 and wore it a few times until 2015. After this long time I still wanted to shoot her again and a friend spontaneously said she always wanted to cosplay one of the Fresh PreCure girls! I hope she gets this done somewhen this year and we can wear it together! This would mean a lot to me, because originally I had a full group, but the others never finished their costumes.

Of course I need to have a Miraculous shooting with my Ladybug costume! I already asked a photographer if he wants to cooperate with me to take some amazing pictures including fancy light, smokebombs and action! I mean.. come on! Who wouldn’t want that, right? It’s just simply the best!

A friend of mine wants to cosplay as Chat Noir together we me as Ladybug, so we also need to have a shooting together! We are thinking about visiting Paris to get some pictures with the eiffel tower, the bakery and the scenery in general. Maybe we also have time to visit the Disneyland?
(This will most likely not happen in 2017, but hey, never lose hope, right?)

After wearing my Colette Brunelle cosplay from Tales of Symphonia in 2012 and 2013 we always wanted to shoot this again. Unfortunately the planned one this year does not include my friends who wore Lloyd and Sheena with me together before. I need to improve a few things and hopefully shoot it with a complete ToS-group somewhen this year!

The Jelsa-Shoot is planned since a very long time and I really really hope that I can finally managed to get my Elsa Icegown costume done this year. My Jack Frost (who is also my Sora from Digimon) and I wanted to shoot these two in the snow. Let’s hope we can do this in 2017!

Next we have another Digimon picture! You can see Sora, Yamato, Takeru and Hikari at the bottom right corner. This was just an idea, but Sora and I thought about meeting with Takeru and Yamato and get some couple-pictures going. There is nothing specific planned yet, but I wanted to put the idea into my overall-shooting-plans.

And lasty I have to say that I somehow forgot to put Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne in this, too (click). We have a nearly compelted group and want to shoot it together somewhen in fall 2017! I hope I can finish everything in time <3.

4th: Selling Plans

After this wall of text I still have more for you!
There are a few costumes I don’t have enough or good pictures of, but also don’t want to wear them anymore. So my plan is to improve the following costumes, shoot them to get some awesome pictures and sell them afterwards. I hope I can get most of this accomplished in 2017!


Here you can see all of my Stella cosplays from WinX Club! I used to cosplay her a lot including an amazing group of fairies, but times do change fast, right? Especially the good ones. I do have a few pictures of these costumes, but I think I still would like to get some more. I want to adjust, re-do and improve a few things, hopefully get some amazing photos I can be proud of and then sell these cosplays. I need some more room and when I’m moving I won’t have enough room, especially for the wings. I am way too proud of these, so I don’t want to throw them away. I hope the costumes get a loving new home!
(Photographers: top lefttop right, bottom left, bottom right)


In order to partcipate in the German Cosplay Championship (DCM) in 2012 I made a Shana costume from Shakugan no Shana as well as Colette Brunel from Tales of Symphonia. I want to shoot both (Colette will most likely be shooted with my group) and sell them afterwards, since I probably won’t wear them again afterwards. Hopefully they’ll find a new charming home, because they are too good to throw away!
(And yes, Shana and Colette are my by far the best sewn costumes until now.)
(Photohgraphers: left and right)


These are costumes I’m not sure of if I should sell them or keep them. I will most likely sell Honoka (middle) and probably Cure Pine (left) as well after shooting it. Tharja (right) is very dear to me, so I will see as time moves forward if I will keep the costume or not!
(Photographers: left – Jurai, middle – a friend, right)

5th: Costumes in between

Moving on to costumes I want to work on whenever I have some time or want to do so. Again, here is a little collage I made for you:


I’m pretty sure I won’t get all of them somewhere near finished, but I want to start with costumes I have fabric for at home and look for fabric for the ones I don’t have anything yet. So this is just a list of “Maybe”s. With all of my other plans I can’t say whether or when I have time to work on them!
So here’s a little list with a little bit of information – like above I’ll start at the top left and work my way to the bottom right:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Miraculous Ladybug – I have fabric for her jacket (still searching for lining), I bought everything I need for her little handbad and started with Tikki, her miraculous little friend.

Next we have a woman from the korean girlband Secret. They have a song called Madonna (I’m pretty sure this was absolutely intended because of Madonna’s song ‘Secret’) in which they wear these dresses and I loved them and the dance so much that I already have everything I need for it at home (except maybe the shoes and a wig).

I started working on Sophie Lhant from Tales of Graces f a little while ago and after I had to throw the wig away (I cut it wrong) and having a mental breakdown (which led into a break from cosplay) I didn’t got to work again on it a lot. But since I started the costume and my cosplay-group told me that they would love to shoot it again once I’m finished with my costume, I am motivated to do so!

Guess what, another Hikari Yagami costume! This is one of her casual outfits from Digimon Adventure Tri and my Takeru said she wanted to wear this with me at some time. There is nothing planned so far, but I would love to sew it, because you can easily wear it casually as well!

Card Captor Sakura is a series that I have a lot of childhood-memories with. It was one of the first manga series I read (the very first one was Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne), so Sakura Kinomoto had to be done cosplay-wise at some point. My Shaolan asked me if I wanted to sew a specific outfit and I really love the one shown above. We called it ‘Rainy Phenomenon‘ (due to the story that’s happening when and after she wears this costume)!

Serah Farron is a character that is somehow very dear to me. I love Final Fanatsy XII and already have a lot of fabric for her at home. This will be a very expensive costume, so I guess I won’t buy anything new for now, but hopefully work a little bit with the stuff I own for her costume.

And last but not least I have fabric for a jeans-inspired dress. This is not shown in the picture above, because I still don’t know how I want to design it exactly, but I guess I get on designing soon.

6th: Ideas 2018

Lastly I already have some ideas for the next year. It’s still a long time since 2018, so plans can change. And of course there will be some new ones as well.

My ideas are … kind of… only… Digimon-related.


Since I do have a complete group full of people wanting to shoot Digimon, I am hoping to get everyone to cosplay the 02 version and shooted in 2018. Let’s see how that goes. I would take the role of Hikari Yagami again.


Aaaand another 02 version of Hikari Yagami. As you can see this is the winter version of Adventure 02 and I hope to get it done over fall and winter of 2017. If everything goes according to plan I want to shoot this outfit in the early 2018, which should be still cold and hopefully snowy.


And last but not least another Hikari Yagami costume! This one is a special outfit from Adventure Tri. She does not wear it somewhere in the movies, but this is an official Halloween poster/artwork in which she wears a Wizardmon inspired costume! I really love it and would love to sew this. The best time for a shooting like this would be around Halloween 2018 of course.


So that’s all for now. Thank you for reading!
Stay miraculous, you are awesome!

And don’t forget the sparkles!


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