Hikari Yagami, Making Of – Part 2: Top, Scarf and Whistle

Aaand finally another making of part! Yay!
This time I’m going to write about her top, her scarf and the whistle she wears around her neck.
Again, I don’t have that much pictures. I’m sorry, I always forget to take more than I do normally…

Anyway, if you haven’t read Part 1 of the Hikari-Making-Of, feel free to do so. I also have a page with more information about the costume and her character, including the links to each and every link to the making of parts.

Okay, so let’s get started.


First of all I found this fabric at a local fabric market. I bought it twice (it was a special offer – 2 pieces of fabric for… I don’t know, cheap enough), since I wanted it to use for another costume as well (Honoka [Dancing Stars On Me]).

After that I looked for buttons I can easily cover with fabric – and that was basically the first thing I did:


Tadah! I had finished buttons.


The next thing I did was somehow working on the scarf. I took a scarf I had lying around which looks nearly the same like Hikari’s scarf when tied around my neck. I cut out a rectangled piece of fabric and trimmed the edges to look like… a straight, odd-looking banana? I don’t know how to describe the shape, but you can see it above.
I finished up the edges with a running zigzag stitch to keep it from fraying, folded it inwards and made a little test while also wearing the wig.


This is what it looked like and I really liked the shape of the scarf.
So next was the shirt, that’s the only thing missing when you’re looking at the title, right?
(Ignoring the fact that the whistle is also missing.)

I started with taking a patternd I had lying around, altered it a little bit and cut out the two pieces for the top – front and back. I pinned it together, noticed it is way too big, and edited the placement of the pins.
That’s what it looked like back then:


I sewed the edges of the top together and while I was working on the top my whistle arrived in the mail.
I ordered it from an ebay-seller, cut off the black cord and used a light pink cord I bought for the whistle. I glued the ends (after altering the cord to the correct length) onto a clip I also bought and voilá, the whistle was ready for action.


Last thing I needed to do was to finish the raw edges of the shirt. I folded the seam allowance from the bottom hem twice and topstitched it in place. For the armholes and the neckline I cut out fitting stripes of fabric, which I sewed together. Once that was attached I folded these as well and topstitched them into place.
To finish the neckline and armholes like this was more work than expected, but I think it looks really neat without loosing too much of the actual shape of the shirt.


And this is how it is worn. As you can see the shorts were ready before I finished the top, so I will talk about that, the crest and the digivice within the next post.
After wearing this costume to a convention once the clip I used for the whistle broke, so I exchanged that. I now have a better clip I like even more!

See you next time.
As always, thank you for reading!

Until then: Stay sparkly!❤


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