Hikari Yagami, Making Of – Part 1: Wig and Make Up

Kari is a character who is very dear to me. I always liked her, loved her Digimon Tailmon (and all evolutions) and light is something I always could refer to myself – I love the light, especially the sunlight, and anime taught me in my young ages that you shouldn’t loose the light and fait in youself.
Thanks to all this I wanted to cosplay her for a long time! And by the time you read this, this costume is already done and worn at least 3 times. And there are at least 2 more times to follow.

Kari Collage

I really love this costume and after all this talk it is time to start the project! Wuuuhu!

First of all let me tell you a bit about the wig.
I don’t know why, but I didn’t take enough pictures. The process was simple, though.

I got the wig through a friend of our Sora (who is also my Jack Frost). She sold it and since I thought the color was quite fitting for Kari I bought it right away.


I did a make up test including the wig, scarf and digivice as soon as it arrived.

Somewhen later I only cut the bangs in the front and sprayed a little bit of hairspray onto it.
I needed to style it anyways as soon as I put it onto my head.
Here is a picture with sunlight (left) and fake light (right):


And that’s all there is to say about her wig.
Moving on to her make up.

I didn’t do much, because if you didn’t know: She’s an 8 year old child (at least in season 1). So I wanted to keep her make up as natural as it could be. I used a little bit of brown eyeshadow for my crease to give my eyes a bit more depths.
I also used a natural shade of peach for the lips, including a little bit of lipgloss at the middle part of the lower lip.
To top her cute and innocent look I used a peachy blush I applied to the apples of my cheeks.

I’m sorry I forgot to take pictures of the make up supplies and stuff, but I have something even better for you.
I filmed everything for you.

Here is the video:

After the video I hairsprayed my wig a little bit more into place and that was it.

Do you like these kinds of videos? I am thinking about filming more cosplay-related stuff for you – not only how I put on my make up and wig, also filming sewing stuff, little tutorials, con-videos and maybe even con-vlogs. Is that something you are interested in? Feel free to share your thoughts with me! <3

As always, thank you for reading!

Until then: Stay sparkly!❤


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