Elsa [Ballgown], Making Of – Part 4: Shoes and MakeUp

Welcome back to my Elsa Ballgown progress! This time I’m going to write about her shoes and the make up! :)
There won’t be that much to talk about, but I’m doing my best to tell you every detail.

But before doing so, I want to remind you, that this is part 4 of my Elsa Ballgown costume makeing of. If you want to read part 1-3, feel free to check them out right here: part 1 (wig & accessories), part 2 (corset), part 3 (skirts). :D

First of all I had an idea in my mind which I drew onto paper:


Sorry for the German. (These are just some notes for myself to remember.)
I had seen some fitting shoes on ebay which I wanted to buy. But guess what. The moment I wanted to buy them they weren’t in stock anymore. Yay. So I decided on these ones:

2 1

Not the ones I had in mind, but this flower-like fabric at the toes is somehow fitting for Elsa.
So I started with elaborating the ribbon I had in mind for the shoes.


I used metallic blue liners for this. The pattern is something random I tried to copy as neatly as possible on each segment. I reversed the pattern on the ribbon for the other ankle and elaborated it. I used glitter pens, beads and some other things for this. Out of all these ribbon-parts I made some cute little bows for my ankles:


Moving onto the shoe itself. Since everything is very sparkly on this costume I decided to go with that theme here as well. I’m nikaSPARKLE after all.
I had some glittery hairspray and snowspray at home, so I used those for the fabric. And it really looks nice!
I also added snowspray and glitter to the heel. After that I took the blue glitter-glue again and put on a small layer of that onto the shoe-base. It is barely visible, but I like that. It gives a nice shimmer to the shoes when being in the sunlight!


And since I do have a lot more of snowflake-accessories I decided to glue some snowflake-shaped sequins onto that kind of thicker ribbon the shoe already had. Including some rhinestones on top of that – of course.
The sparklier the better.


Last but not least I added some snowflake-details at the back of the shoe and glued/sewed the bow-ribbon for my ankles into place. I added some snaps in order to get into the ribbon – and out of it.


So all in all I really like the outcome of the shoes and they fit Elsa’s Ballgown perfectly!
I’m so glad there weren’t shoes visible in the fanart. I love coming up with ideas that fit the character and dress.
What do you think of these? :)
Now I only need to walk properly while wearing them…


Moving onto Make Up.


I found this eyeshadow palette some time ago and I thought that this would be perfect for Elsa. Especially the light blue one is just perfect for her Ballgown. I also bought this light- and darkblue kohl. Which I forgot to use. Yay me.
I also bought blue contacts. Which I couldn’t use because my eyes hurt. Yay me.

In the end I used the white, light- and darkblue eyeshadow from the palette I bought and a purple I already had at home. I tried to go for a color gradient from white to blue to purple at the outter end of the eyelid. I used a white kohl for my waterline to brighten up my eyes and black eyeliner for the upper lid. Some time ago I found these super long fake lashes with a sparkly end. Since these are just perfect I used them as well.
I added a bit of rosé colored blush to my cheeks and nose to give Elsa her typical look.
For the lips I used a red lipstick which isn’t too bright, since the eyes are the main part. But I wanted something that compliments the eyes and suits Elsa. In the movie she does have bright red lips, so I still wanted to go with red.


(Pictures above: (c) Jurai. He just takes the best ones, doesn’t he?)
And this is how the make up ended up looking. To be honest, I really like the way it looks.
I think I accomplished getting Elsas character into the make up.
And I hope I can accomplish the look again someday. :D

That’s it for now. Thank you so much for reading!
And as always: Stay sparkly!
Nika <3


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