Elsa, Making of – Part 3: The Undershirt

Wow, it took me way to long to start a new blogpost, but here it finally is!

If you haven’t read part 1 (wig) and part 2 (shoes) yet, feel free to do so!

This time I’m talking about the undershirt of my Elsa Icegown Cosplay I started 2 years ago.
But let me warn you: After this part I don’t have anything else done. I need to finish the corset, start the cape/train and edit the skirt. And I’m thinking about ordering new fabric for her skirt, because I don’t like the shape anymore.

That being said, here is a picture of her undershirt (the sleeves and the part around her chest) :


I have to say… trying to figure out the actual pattern here was really hard.
(The pattern for her train will be even harder, I believe.)

So where did I start? I took a look at different movie-screens, watched the movie several times and searched for cosplays with accurate sleeve patterns to get my own done.

This is what I came up with:


The pattern is a simple sleevepattern, I alternated to fit the form of her rounded shoulderparts. I did the pattern for the whole thing by myself and cut it out before painting the sleeve-pattern on, to check if it would fit.
And it worked. So I used that to get another piece of fabric where I can paint the forms onto without it messing everything up.

Since the pattern is sparkling, I wanted to accomplish a similar look. I decided to go with iron-on-rhinestones.
I ordered a bunch of them and little by little I pressed these cute little sparkly stones onto the actual sleeve-fabric:

The rhinestones’ color is a pearl-color that shimmers blue, purple and light pink when the sunlight gets reflected. Which is really cool! It isn’t that accurate, but I really like it. It gives some special shimmer and extra glamour. Which isn’t too bad for an icequeen, right? :)


I put each and every rhinestone onto the fabric by hand and always ironed a few together on.
Also, getting the fabric was really hard. I had a non-elastic organza at first, but it just didn’t work out the way I wanted. I actually wanted to have stretch mesh, but you just don’t find such a thing in Germany. Booh.
But I got really lucky when I got this fabric in a fabric store near a fabric market. They had this fabric called “Wirkfutter” (I didn’t find a proper english translation for this. It’s some kind of mesh fabric, elastic and has the word for “lining” in it) in iceblue, which is the exact color I needed. Yay!

So I continued ironing rhinestones onto the fabric. And continued… and continued…
Made the pattern for the upper part of the sleeve… and continued…


At some point I finished that. One sleeve took about 8 hours of ironing-work and around 1100 pieces of 4mm and  around 500 pieces of 3mm rhinestones. Wow. And guess what, I needed to do a second one of that.
Once that was finished I cut the bottom hemline of the sleeve and decorated those with rhinestones as well. Because why not.
I then pinned the sleeves together. It worked, looked good and I could move easily. Way better than expected.
So I sewed that together.


I then started to paint a pattern for the front and back part of the non-sleeve-rest of the undershirt. I sewed the sleeves onto that and guess what came next? Exactly. I ironed more rhinestones on.
At this point I just hoped the remaining rhinestones will be just fine, so I wouldn’t need to reorder rhinestones again (which I did while working on the first sleeve).
I figured it would work out somehow, so I moved on.
Spoilers: I didn’t need to order more stones. Hooray!


I continued ironing on 400 pieces of 4mm and 400 pieces of 3mm rhinestones onto the front and back part of her shirt.
And since I decorated the hemline of the sleeves with stones I did the same thing to the neckline.

So all in all I can say that I ironed 2600x 4mm and 1400x 3mm rhinestones onto the shirt within 24 hours.
Good for me that I decided to use sparkling, transparent glue for the cape. (I wanted to use rhinestones for the cape as well in the first place. Hahaha.)


And this is how it looks like at the moment.
I want to alter it a bit, since a few parts of the neckline stick up a bit. But this should be done easily! :)
Nevertheless I really like it so far!
(Please ignore the dress/skirt. This is the first thing I did when I started this costume.
But as said before I want new fabric for the skirt and I have a corset in progress.)

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

I really hope you like the shirt as much as I do!
More coming up hopefully very soon.

Until then: Stay sparkly! <3


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