Hey guys! <3
After some time I have a few announcements and updates I wanted to share with you.

This might be a longer blogpost, but if you’re interested, please follow along or just read the text underneath each point you want to know more about!


1st: Layout

First of all I will change the layout of this blog as soon as I have the time to do so. I want to give it a nice and unique touch and edit some pictures for that and I will probably also change the template (again). I hope it will look good and you like it! You’ll get a new update blogpost if I’m finished happy with the outcome.

2nd: Vacation

Next will be my trip to Japan. I’m going to visit Tokyo for 3 weeks at the end of august and as you might know this requires a lot money, which won’t go into cosplay. And because of this expensive vacation I won’t have the money, nor the time, to do a lot more costumes. There are a few more planned, which I will tell you later on in this post, but it will probably take longer. I want to spend more time into sewing and making costumes to get better quality. I hope this somehow works out! :D
If you want to know more about my Tokyo trip, feel free to check out my travelblog right here.

3rd: Social Media

Talking about some more cosplay related things again. As you might have noticed: I’m very slow when it comes to explaining progress in a very detailed way. Sometimes it’s very hard since English is not my native language! I’m always doing my best, though. Including my every day life, sewing cosplays, going to university and studying … there is not that much time for this blog. If you don’t want to wait that long or don’t want to read detailed explanations, feel free to check out my twitter and instagram profile. These are more frequently updated.

4th: New Page

As you might have noticed I managed to add a new page to my blog: Hikari “Kari” Yagami! There isn’t anything important posted yet, but let me tell you that I already finished her costume! I’m really proud of the outcome and hoping to have a nice photoshoot with my group. I’m also planning a photoshoot with my Wizardmon, who will finish her costume soon. Much love for that, yay! <3
And because this blogpost is full of letters, have this first picture of Kari:


Hikari “Kari” Yagami from Digimon Adventure – Cosplay made and worn by me. Picture taken and edited by Hakeri!

Please take a look at the facebook page of the photographer!
Making Of – blogposts for Kari will come as soon as I have the time to write them :)


And after all this text a few more pictures will follow!
I wanted to show you my upcoming cosplay plans and my progress so far :)

5th: Cosplay Plans & Cosplay Progress

First of all let me show you a collage-picture of my plans for 2016 and 2017:


Collage made by me; picutres belong to their rightful owners!

As you can see: this is a lot. So let me get a bit more into detail for each costume-plan. I will also show progress pictures of things I did so far! So here are the cosplay-plans:

Elsa [Icegown] – Disney’s FROZEN
Of course. I love Disney and I already uploaded a few Making Of blogposts (listed here). I finally want to finish this costume and take a lot of pictures with my beloved Jack Frost in the snow. I haven’t had the motivation to work some more on her costume, but I will do eventually. If you want to see some more progress, feel free to check out my facebook album.

elsa make up 2

MakeUp Test for Elsa [Icegown] – Frozen.

Honoka [Dancing Stars On Me] – Love Live! School Idol Project

I haven’t watched and played that much Love Live lately, but this version is somehow stuck to my head. I can’t get rid of it and since I already have the fabrics for her (just missing some basis-shoes) I really want to start with her outfit. I plan on doing a halloween-themed Photoshoot with her, since it’s a halloween-outfit and I just love the idea of smoke bomb, colored lights and pumpkins in a forest while the sun is setting. And this will become a reality eventually. At least I hope so. A friend of mine would also like to cosplay Hanayo together with me!
I don’t have any progress for her, I can only show you the fabrics I already bought:


Fabrics for Honoka [DSOM] – Love Live!

Kaitou Jeanne [Anime 2nd Arc] – Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

This is a new project. More or less. I really wanted to cosplay this version of Jeanne years ago and always thought about doing so… but ended up doing something else instead. But this time it’s different. I randomly asked on twitter if anyone would like to accompany me.. and well, except or Miyako I have a complete group! I mean… wow. I can’t throw this awesome opportunity away, can I? By now I don’t have anything for her at home except basis shoes and a little bit of stretchy white fabric which I will use for her gloves.
And guess what? Exactly these gloves are in the making right now. I started them and also worked on the pattern for her red shirt she wears underneath and was able to finish it already:


Mock Up for Jeanne’s red shirt.


Pattern for the front part of her shirt. Old pattern, new pattern, edited mockup-part. Same with the back part which I won’t show right now :).


Inexpensive shoes I got this week. I cut off the little ribbons and put a thin layer of glue on top so the hotglue and the fabric will stick to it better as soon as I have fabric to work on the shoes.


Started the gloves and I like them so far. I’m planning on finishing them within the next 2 weeks.

I can’t wait for this costume to be finished! Unfortunately it will take quite a while since this will be a very expensive and time consuming costume. But after all, anticipation is the best, isn’t it?

Sophie Lhant [Future Arc] – Tales of Graces f
Unfortunately I haven’t worked on Sophie again since I completely messed up her wig two years ago. So there is no new progress for you, but feel free to take a look at my progress so far. You can take a look at it right here.

Serah Farron [FFXIII] – Final Fantasy
I actually haven’t started anything on Serah so far, but I do have a lot of fabrics for her at home. So I could start, if I wanted to and will somewhen at the end of this year. To give you some progress I made her cat-earrings together with the awesome help of a friend! I couldn’t have made them without her. Thank you so much! <3
Take a look at her facebook page right here!
Also here is my album for Serah on my facebook page.

ohrringe 3

Earrings for Serah Farron – Final Fantasy 13.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Ladybug – Miraculous Ladybug

I love Ladybug. I really do. I don’t know why, but this kid series just got me. And of course I need to cosplay something out of it. And guess what? I’m doing both, Marinette and her alter ego Ladybug. I already have a few fabrics for her at home, like the one for Tikki and her little bag. I am still searching for a few more things, but I won’t get started on Marinette seriously any time soon. I want to start with her Ladybug-Outfit, though and want to buy the fabric for her suit the next weeks. To show you some progress I finished both of her earrings, made little pendants and met Thomas Astruc, the writer of Miraculous. He is a really miraculous man and I can’t wait for season 2! <3
I also made a facebook album which can be seen here.


Finished earrings for Marinette and Ladybug – Miraculous.


So that’s it for now. Long post is long, but at least you are updated by now. I hope I can at least post something new here every month. I won’t promise it though, because I have exams again in 2 months. Time flies! :(

If you have any comments, wishes or concerns, leave a comment or contact me on any of my social media! I won’t bite, I promise. I also don’t know which convention will be the next one I’m visiting. I will probably have a few shoots only this year (including some more pictures of my Stella Cosplays from WinX). I will also take my Kari Cosplay with me to Tokyo, so I can get a few pictures in front of the Fuji TV building in Odaiba! I can’t miss this opportunity <3.


So see you soon with more progress and thank you to everyone to read so far and still supports!
Stay miraculous, you are awesome! <3

And don’t forget the sparkles!


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