Elsa [Ballgown], Making Of – Part 3: Skirts

Heeeelllo there! It’s been a while… again. So sorry, but Real Life just hits me everytime I think I do have more time to work on costumes or on blogposts.

With that being said, here’s the next part of my Elsa Ballgown Cosplay! For more information, click here! :)
Also, if you haven’t read part 1 (wig & accessoires) and part 2 (corset) of this costume, but you want to, feel free to click onto the links!

I started with thinking about how to arrange the skirts and how many I actually want. Since the FanArt isn’t clear at that point I used my phantasy and could choose myself how I wanted it to look like. I decided that I wanted to have 6 skirts in total, each one with a 3m hemline. … Yup, don’t ask me, I don’t know why I did that. All in all the skirts took most of the time of this cosplay.

I started with the skirt at the bottom. A short one to get a bit of volume:

Ballgown 1 Ballgown 2

At this point it looks like some kind of huge panty. Okay.
I ruffed it by hand and pinned in onto myself to take a look:

Ballgown 3 Ballgown 4

I then found some roses out of fabric which were sewn onto the organza which I used for one of the following layers of skirts.

Ballgown 5 Ballgown 7

They were sewn onto the fabric randomly and after getting them off I sewed them on again – at the hemline. 3m hemline. fabric roses. … never again. It took way too much time to get this done (around 8 hours or so, they had to sit perfectly without falling off), but looked amazing in the end!

Next  worked on two layers of tulle, finished off with satin bias tape. Nothing too fancy, but I had to get some volume! I don’t have any pictures of this process, but it’s nothing more than two 1,5×0,8m rectangles, sewed together, added the bias tape and gathered at the upper hem.

Ballgown 10 Ballgown 9

I then moved onto the two upper layers: the chiffon layers. I wanted to add a color gradient to both of the layers (upper one: purple-darkblue-lightblue and lower one: darkblue-lightblue) so the gradient of the upper layer would be more visible. In the end, it didn’t matter, but I did it anyways.
As you can see I had some spray-fabricpaint which I used. I hanged it over my clothes drying rack and started spraying.

IMG_9858 IMG_9860

I then sewed both rectangles together by using a french seam. Since it is chiffon and it really frays much you should sew them together like this.
After finishing both chiffon-skirts someone told me that the gradient would be even better if I dipped the fabric into a bucket of water and spraying the paint onto it from the upper side of the fabric. This way the paint would work it’s way down, getting a nice gradient thanks to the water. Oops. Well, at least I know now. ;)

Ballgown 12 Ballgown 14

I then added glitter to the chiffon. A lot of glitter.
I used a glitter-glue, with the glue getting transparent and only leaving the glitter visible. Then I started gathering the skirts, sewing them onto the corset, one after another. I started with the chiffon skirts, getting the first half done, then doing some maths so I could easily fit into the corset without the skirts getting in my way.

Ballgown 15 Ballgown 16

Next I sewed the organza layer on, then both of the tulle layers and last but not least the short one.
I then covered the slit in the back with bias tape and made a bow to cover it (see last post: click).
I always wanted to dance at least once and move freely without falling over my gown, so I decided to keep the lenghts a few centimeters above the ground when wearing shoes. And I really liked it that way, it was really easy to move around!

Ballgown 17 Ballgown 18

So that’s my ballgown. Only missing the bag, the stole and the shoes now.
These posts will be up somewhen soon. So look forward to it ;).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact and ask me.

Ballgown 19

As always, thanks for reading!
And don’t forget the sparkles! <3


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