Elsa [Ballgown], Making Of – Part 2: Corset

Aaand another blogpost is heeere! This time I’m going to talk about my ballgown-corset which… was a lot of work. Would I do that again? .. Probably yes, but only because it just looks super nice. If it wouldn’t… I would most likely skip making five layers for a (simple?) corset!

Anyways, if you haven’t read part 1 (wig & accessoires) yet, feel free to do so by clicking here!


First of all I made a sketch about the differences of the snowqueen/icegown corset and the one I want to use for the ballgown. As you can see there are some minor, but important, differences. Why making one pattern for both corsets? That’s too easy, isn’t it? Well I decided I wanted some extra work, so I kept going on…


… and here it is: the finished pattern. At this point I had to decide how many layers I wanted, which fabric I should use and what the top layer should look like… and I eventually had an idea I liked. I wanted to have a lining layer, two more layers in which I could sandwhich the boning in between… and the top layer should be chiffon. But I didn’t want to see the chiffon-pieces sewn together through the fabric, so I decided to sew chiffon with another layer of fabric together. Yay.

3 5

I also wanted to get some fabric-paint and glitter onto the chiffon-layer so I tried a few things out. I used some kind of glitterpaint (the paint itself is transparent, so after drying there’s only the glitter left – niiice!) and spraypaint for the fabric because I wanted to keep the blue-darkblue-lilac/purple-color-pattern the fanart had. If done right the colorgradient looks really nice! I liked that so I moved on.

4 6

I started with the upper two layers of fabric: the chiffon and the one beneath it. As you can see I sewed them together so they wouldn’t slip away. I actually like the colorgradient it has, although it doesn’t line up exactly. But hey, it was a lot of work and I don’t care, because it doesn’t had to be perfect! After all it’s an interpretation of a fanart.


I then cut out and sewed together the two layers of fabric in which I want to sandwhich the boning in between. As you can see I tried something out with the boning placement… and I like the stability it gave the corset. So I sewed in the channels for the boning, put them in added the upper layers and the sidestrips where the eyelets will be eventually.


I attached the lining at the top and sewed that down at the back to keep it in place. I left the sides and the bottom open at this point because I wanted to sew the skirts into that line (which I will go through at the next blogpost). After the skirts sewn on I sewed the lining in place at the sides and bottom… by hand. My fingers hurt a lot after that.

Before sewing the skirts on I added the glitterpaint I mentioned earlier which then looked like that:

11 12

I made a little bit of a gradient. Or I tried. The glitter starts at the top, working it’s way towards the middle… and also from the bottom going up. You can’t see that here, so I suggest taking a look at the pictures already uploaded here.


The last step (after the skirts were sewn on) was to add the eyelets and make a little closure at the end to keep the skirts closed (more details on that in the skirts-part). To add the closure I added a little bow of leftover fabric and ribbon (with wire glued onto the sides) which I also shaped into a bow. They got sewn on and there we go – my glittermonster is finished! At least the corset… But the fact that I had to sew the skirts on before adding final touches to the corset is a good enough reason to consider it done.

So next up for my Elsa Ballgown will be the skirts. A lot more of work… also with a lot of skirt layers!

As always… Thanks for reading!


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