Elsa, Making of – Part 2: The Shoes

So after a lot of time… here’s the next tutorial!
This time I’m going to tell you a bit about how I made my shoes of my “normal” Elsa costume (the icegown)…
I don’t have a lot of pictures of the process, so please bear with me!
And since I finished them about one year ago I can’t remember everything… oops.

If you haven’t read part 1 about the wig yet, feel free to do so by clicking here.

So I started with buying some shoes on ebay for like… 2€ or so? The shipping payment was actually higher than the costs of the actual shoes, lol. I thought about which kind of shoe would be best for my ideas… and I decided to go with those because I could easily cut off those strips. At least that’s what I thought. I also made sure that their heel-shape would fit the shape they have in the movie… Which didn’t turn out too well, but I guess I had no choice but to work with them. In the end I think they look okay, so I don’t care about that too much anymore.

shoes icegown 1

After they arrived I had some new ideas… and I tried out some materials. I used some soft plastic (or whatever it is called in english – it’s soft so it doesn’t hurt too much, but hard enough to stay in shape on it’s own) and worked with different colors. In the end I decided to use “Window Color” and paint that onto the plastic with a brush.


So I glued that plastic on. You can see that it doesn’t really look nice this way, but don’t worry, I had something in mind for that. I had a lot of Worbla still at home and wanted to use it to cover the front and the back/heels to add some more depths. I put some color onto that (aquarell, I think) and started glueing different shades of blue glitter onto the worbla.


That actually was a lot of work and took it’s time (due to drying-processes after each layer). In total I glued about 6 layers of blue glitter onto in (with a glitter-glue). I started with the darkest blue – working my way to the lightest and adding again the one shade of blue that would fit the most. And guess what? I really liked it! .. And still do.
After that I used my blue glittering pen for the edges to give them some depth as well and added a few dots and designs for a snowflaky-look.


That really took some time and nerves and my room was a mess… but well, at least I really like them!

shoes icegown 5

So these are the finished shoes! Later on I added transparent bra-strips, which I cut and glued onto the inner side of the shoes. I added a little closure on the other (inner) side so I can easily go while wearing these – I had the issue of slipping out of them (like Cinderella) when walking… They still hurt a little while walking, but all in all I really like them! Even if they are not exactly like the original… I really love them more this way :)

So that’s it about the shoes. Thank you for reading!
More is hopefully coming soon, although I’ll finish the tutorials for Tharja and Elsa’s Ballgown first (because those costumes are done by now).


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