Elsa [Ballgown], Making Of – Part 1: Wig and Accessories

Hey guys!
It’s been a while, but I’m back with a new Making Of – Part. This time it’s my Elsa Ballgown which I will wear at a cosplayprom at the Dokomi Convention, Düsseldorf, Germany, in 3 weeks.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the picture of the FanArt I’m using as a guide:

Elsa Ballgown

I will add stuff to it, but all in all I really like the design. Directly after seeing this FanArt I was like: I want to cosplay this!

So this first part will be about the wig and the accessories I’ll be using for this. The wig is the same I will use / I used for my Elsa Icegown. I talk about the washed and restyled wig here, my first attempt and the step by step making of – instructions can be read here.

After washing my wig it looked like it wasn’t washed at all! I think I put way too much hairspray onto it before. It got really smooth after brushing it, so it wasn’t that bad at all.


I braided the hair (started with a french braid at the top and worked my way down – then I normally braided it down to the end) and worked my way from the middle to the left and then from middle to the right front strands. I really like the look right now although I hadn’t had the chance to wear everything together yet. My contacts also arrived so I hope to do a makeup test soon.

Next I decided on a design for my headpiece. I had this blue plastic-rose at home and wanted to do fancy stuff with it, so I gathered some materials I already had at home and embellished them. It’s an awesome ballgown after all!

IMG_9234 IMG_9237

I had some snowspray which I used to decorate the rose and added an extra layer glitter, fixed with hairspray. The blue stripes are embellished with metallic liner and hot fix rhinestones. You just need to press those rhinestones down with your iron and voilá: finished. The metallic layer got another glitter liner layer on top of it.

IMG_9243 IMG_9270

I then added some lace and pearls which will be used for a little bag and other accessory-stuff, too. I put it all together with even more ribbons. Doesn’t it look totally fancy and nice? I like it. I glued everything together and added bobbypins with hot glue so I can put it on and off the actual wig.
I added it to the finished wig:

IMG_9718 IMG_9720

It looks a bit awkward because the shape of my wighead isn’t the best, but nevertheless I relly like the outcome.
I also added the sparkly snowflake-thingy at the end of the braid which Elsa also wears in her normal outfit. I just didn’t put on the little snowflakes which are all over the braid, this would be too much bling bling.
And this is it for the wig.

I only have a little more for the jewellery. Some weeks ago I bought myself some nice creme-pearly earrings and a snowflake-ring.

11215940_848731985197010_1026290467_n 11216189_848732085197000_1840224139_n11117708_848732015197007_921860798_n

I wanted to have at least some kind of jewellery, but at the same time it shouldn’t be too much and eyecatching, since the dress itself should be the most epic part. So I thought this would be just fine.
Last but not least I sewed a ribbon which I will wear aroung my tights. I sewed two elastic lace-ribbons together (with an zigzag stitch and by hand, so it will stay elastic) and added some sequins. I really like it and although I wear a long skirt I hope to have some kind of pictures with this!

IMG_9227 IMG_9230IMG_9231

That’s it for today, I hope I could help you. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
I hope I can write these blog posts more frequently but I cannot promise you that.

Thank you for reading!


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