Honoka [Yume No Tobira], The Making Of!

Hey there!

Because I deleted all the progress-pictures I didn’t need, I don’t have really that much pictures to show, so this will be a post with more written text than pictures, I’m sorry. And also due to the reason already said it will be one mixed up post ^^°

So this is the Honoka Kousaka Version we’re talking about. The song is called Yume No Tobira and can be seen by clicking here!

It all began at the beginning of the year. We were a complete group and actually wanted to do the “No Brand Girls” – version. Well, when it was time to plan everything, one of us said: “why not yume no tobira?” and after some discussing we decided on this version <3.

I really like the song and after we decided on the fabrics, I ordered them and started with a mock-up (after my university-exams were done 8’D). It looked good so I went ahead! I thought about her top and figured it would look as original as possible if I would do a corset, with ruffles at the bottom and a gathered rectangle for the bust-part. After getting my Mock-Up ready, considering it as “good!”, I cut the parts out, making a proper pattern onto my pattern-paper.

The first thing that was completely done was the little white ribbon on her shoulder (or whatever this should be)! Also my cat helped me while doing my pattern. Well, she had to look if I did it the right way, right? Although I forgot to write down where the foldline should be at the back 2 skirt-parts, so I messed that up later (but a friend helped me out, so it does not look like I wanted it to be, but I guess it could be even worse). That kitty didn’t observe very well ;)

I also bought a wig, a petticoat and the base-shoes:

I painted the shoes with acrylic paint and cut and straihtened the wig (and of course styled it.. although I really did not want to, because I loved the curles so much!)… the flora wreath – base is a bought one from primark. I added more plastic flowers later on!

I also did sew the socks myself. Yes, you read correctly. I got myself some old fabric I didn’t want to use for anything else anymore, wrapped and pinned it around my leg, cut about 1 cm away from the pins and voilá, there you have your socks- and stockingpattern. If you now use a very stretchy fabric, you don’t need the added seam allowance and maybe you can even get rid of a lot more fabric. I should have tightened mine some more, but hey, it works! ;)

You can see my stocking-mock-up, as well as my chiffon-part-mock-up of the top of Honoka’s outfit, as well as the 2 metres of chiffon I bought for Maki, Nico and myself.. It was the perfect color, but they only had 2m left (we planned to buy 3m, for each one of us 1m). Sooo we had to play tetris :D

So I started with the corset-part and painting my shoes. This is my first real corset – including boning and cording! I’m super proud of it :) This corset has 3 layers of fabric: the first one for the outter appearence (it should look nice, without visible boning channels), and the lower 2 in which I sandwiched the boning in between. At the bottom I sewed the ruffles onto it, added the slightly gathered rectangle for the bust-part at the top. The chiffon part was made with the help of friends and I sewed it into the neckline (if it’s even described as a neckline…). Added one sleeve on one side. Then it was time to work with the wig, made an underskirt (cirucal thingy) together with my friends and tadaaaa! – it was as good as finished.

I did not like the first version of the styled wig, so I restyled it and like it much better now. I also really like the shoes, although they do hurt after some time…

And here are some pictures of my group and me, wearing these costumes:

1st photo (c) Marcel from F22.nl
2nd photo (c) Falk Krönert

AnimagiC 2014 739 AnimagiC 2014 760

3rd & 4th photo (c) Reinhard H. Franzen

Do NOT use the pictures without permission!!

Thanks for reading!


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