Sophie Lhant [Future Arc], Making of – Part 1: Top and Pants

So, this is Sophie (later in the game “Sophie Lhant”) from Tales of Graces (f). It’s a game from the Tales Of – Series and I really like it! I played it at a friends house and I must say Sophie really has a strong character although she has some weird moments (but I don’t want to spoiler you if you don’t know the game yet! It’s a very beautiful story <3). When it was decided to cosplay her, I thought about having only 2 weeks for 2 more or less complicated cosplays until the next convention after my exams. So I figured her Future Arc Outfit would be less complicated to make. Well, the patterns are easy, yes. BUT! it’s so much work to apply/applique all the different fabrics onto each other.

This is everything I bought for making the costume. Please forget the wig, I messed it up and I need a new one, which I will buy somewhen near the end of the year 2014.

So I started with making the pattern for her top. I used a corset-pattern and altered it, so that it wouldn’t fit too tight but at the same time isn’t too lose. Also, there’s some kind of slit at the back of her dress, starting a bit underneath the waistline. After finishing my pattern I cut it out to unfortunatly notice, that there are like 10 cm missing to close it properly in the front (with a future-zipper). I cut it out of the right fabric because I hadn’t had the time to make a Mock-Up in order to finish it in time… So I added 5 cm to each of the back-piece, cut it out again and violà, it was perfect :) after sewing it all together it was time to add the grey parts. Damn thing if you’re trying to sew stretchy fabric onto non-stretchy one without having any interfacing at home. So I tried to apply it without it (bad idea, only makes it more complicated! although it works with more time and very strong nerves). To do so you take your zigzag-stitch, turn the length down (I always take 0,5 or 0,6) and your width to the one you prefere for your project, and sew. It’s a slow process, but it’s worth it.

After I finished that I made patterns for those pocket-things and her back… oval. Whatever that’s called (I don’t have a clue. I even don’t know the “proper” name in german)… I finished them completely (with all those different fabrics) before pinning them onto the top. I pinned the buttons on and sewed them onto the fabric first, then handsewed the 3 things. It needed to be handsewn because I didn’t wanted to have some kind of ugly thread be stitched around there.

I bought some good-looking buttons on a fabric market a few months ago before I started with this project. Just to notice as soon as I needed them that there were only 7. I needed 8. I also noticed, that they actually were bigger. So I used four for the pockets (2 pockets with 1 button on each upper end) and bought 4 bigger ones for that thing in the middle-back and her vest. I also shortened the ends of the top at the back (where the slit is), because I somehow didn’t like it!

Here you can see a close-up of the finished parts :)

Well next thing for me to do: the pants. I had an older pattern lying around somewhere, so I searched and found it and used it as a guide. Because I had way to much fabric I cut it out with a lot more width. It looked like it was way to big for me. And then I was shocked: It fit nearly perfectly (my gosh I have a very fat ass!). Well, nevermind. So I sewed that together, added a waistband and a zipper and it was finished.

So here are the finished top and pants. And ignore the started vest for now, I will write about it somewhen else (probably somewhen after it’s finished ;) ).

Thanks for reading!


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