Elsa, Making of – Part 1: The Wig

So, this will be my very first real post for this blog.

I watched the “Frozen” movie twice in the movie theatre and I really love the character of Elsa. Maybe Anna would fit my character a bit better, but… I don’t know why, it just had to be Elsa. So in february 2014, after my university-exams, I started with this costume. And this is all I had bought so I could start right away:

As you can see a lot of stuff, but of course not even everything I need. I started with her dress, but I will talk about that in a later post, because I want to show you the wig… and I’m veeery proud how it turned out! Took me long enough to make…

So these are the wigs, I’ll show you the daylight-haircolor in a later picture.  Yes, I bought two wigs because they were cheaper than I thought, seemed to have the right color and came from germany, so the shipping wouldn’t take very long. And I was right. They were perfect! I wanted to sew them into one thicker wig to get the thickness of her braid correctly and 3 would have been way too much!

As you can see above you can see the lacing of the wig looking through. Nothing I could style her bangs with. So I spontaneously decided to knot a lacefront by myself. After hours of research and buying the material I need, I cut out a piece of tulle, marked the lines I needed on my wighead and pinned it in place, starting with the first few hairstrands:

It was a really timeconsuming part, but it needed to be done.

After nearly 3 days working on the lacefront from morning to the late evening, the lacefront was completed. I put the wig on, pinned the tulle in place and sewed it into the wigcap, looking like this:

Pretty fancy, right? After that it took me about 3 more days to get the wigs sewed together into one. I cut out the stripes of braid from one wig and sewed it in between each 2 stripes of the other one. Just be careful to completely stretch the wig and pin it onto your wighead. If the wigcap (and wigcap-parts) aren’t stretched, your wig might have a different form while wearing it on your head. General tip: start adding the stripes/laces beginning at the bottom. That way it will be much easier to get the upper hair out of the way (see second picture right below). I also braided the finished and thickened parts together, so that it won’t be a complete mess of hair. ;)

And after again 2 moe days of styling and making the accessories, it was finally finished!

You can see the daylight-color of the wig at the top left. I hate it when people think Elsa has white hair. IT’S NOT WHITE!!! It’s a really really… reaaallly light blonde. Our lighting indoor is really crappy, so that’s why the color looks so yellowish at the other pictures. Last but not least I sprayed glitter-hairspray onto the wig so that it shimmers a bit in the sunlight.

All in all it took me about 8 days to get the wig completely finished. But I am really proud of how it looks. ‘The braid is way to long!’, you might think, but no, it’s not.

As you can see it is pretty much more or less the perfect length (I think I cut it a bit too short in the end, but I like it nevertheless).

My costume is in progress at the moment, the shoes are also finished by now so maybe that’s he next thing I’ll talk about. Only sewing-parts missing, like making a new corsage, a new undershirt and a new trail.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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